WeSay makes it easy for your law firm to get great reviews from happy clients.

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It’s so easy!

Simply send your clients to weSay to leave their feedback.

Google reviews!

If your clients rate your law firm  stars or above, we seamlessly take them to your Google Review page.

If below 4, we send them to a specific page to ask them to consider giving their feedback to your firm before leaving their review to allow your law firm to respond.

Influence more clients!

Your or star reviews are published by Google and seriously influence more clients to buy products or services from your law firm.

Why ?

Fact 1: Client reviews play a vitally important role in encouraging or discouraging potential clients buying your products or servies.

weSay makes it easy for your happy clients to tell others.

Fact 2: Increasingly, Google Reviews are become a major factor in ranking your law firm above others in Google search.

weSay helps your law firm get better ranked!

Fact 3: Most law firms ignore the importance of influencing potential clients by leveraging social proof. Notwithstanding this, educating happy clients on how to leave a review can be complex and overwhelmingly difficult.

weSay solves that problem.

great reviews
from happy clients.

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